Jika anda atau ahli keluarga terutama anak-anak kecil diserang cirit-birit, tentu susah hatikan. Jom baca tips di bawah yang boleh kita lakukan di rumah.

ADEQUATE HYDRATION with replacement of fluids lost and a light diet )e.g clear soups or porridge) are the keys to managing your diarhea. Do avoin chilli hot and spicy food.

Glucose drinks with a pinch of salt or rehydrate sachets are useful to replace fluids and minerals lost during the passage of watery stools. NON- CARBONATED ISOTONIK drinks are also helpful. Avoid 'gassy' drinks though, as they can aggravate the bloated feeling that often accompanies the diarrhea.

AVOID DAIRY PRODUCTS throughout the episode of diarrhea. If it was a particularly severe bout, avoid all diary for at least a week after your symptoms have resolved and you are passing normal stools. This is due to the temporary lactose intolerance which occurs and which makes it difficult to digest and absorb the lactose found in dairy products.

AVOID CAFFEINE till your symptoms are resolved. Sweetened, light black tea, but not coffee, may be taken, if you must have your 'caffeine fix'!

Throughly and frequently wash your hands with soap and water, especially before preparing or consuming food and after visiting the washroom.

Remember, if you are prescribed with Charcoal or Ultra carbon pills for your diarrhea, you need to take it about 2 hours before or after any other pills and food. This is because of the adsorbent effect of Charcoal tablets, which may negate the effect of any of the other drugs taken.

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Oleh itu, PERFORMANCE DRINK ialah minuman isotonik yang paling sesuai di kala kecemasan seperti cirit-birit atau demam. Ianya bukan minuman berkarbonat, diperkaya dengan elektrolit opti-lyte yang memberi tenaga segera dan menyokong hidrasi yang optimum.

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