Part Time Work With University of Nottingham Malaysia

Pagi tadi dapat emel ni..disebabkan saya tidak berkelapangan dan tidak juga sesuai untuk kerja ini, jadi saya war-warkan di sini mana tahu ada rezeki orang lain.

Literacy and Numeracy Teacher Evaluation Project

Project/Job description
The School of Education University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is undertaking a project on the readiness of Malaysian primary school teachers to teach and manage learners with literacy and numeracy learning difficulties. The project involves video recording teachers engaged in professional practice, i.e. teaching or engaged in remediation work with learners.
The recordings/teacher performance will be reviewed/assessed based on an evaluation framework developed by the School of Education. A general performance report will be created for each teacher and each performance. Assessment work will begin in January 2013. Assessment of video can be done at your own convenience away from campus.
The school invites applicants for the position of assessors.

Applicant Qualification
o   PG students with a first degree in an any area in Social Science with 3 years teaching experience
o   In-service teachers with 3 years teaching experiences
o   Adequate computer skills to view videos, generate reports using MS Word or Excel and communicate via emails
o   Own a computer or a laptop and have internet access
o   Competent in Bahasa Malaysia or the Malay language
o   Understanding of the Malaysian school system is an advantage.

Assessors will be paid RM40.00 for work done on each hour of video. The job involves viewing, assessing and writing a brief report on a reporting template provided.

Interested applicants may contact the personnel below with a recent CV and photograph:
Dr. Ganakumaran Subramaniam:
Dr. Ashley Ng:
Dr. Tida Tubpun:

Ganakumaran Subramaniam (Dr.)
Director of Studies
Associate Professor
School of Education
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus),
Jalan Broga,
43500 Semenyih,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,