Berat Badan Naik Ketika Period: Itu Normal?

Saya juga sedang angkat bendera jepun sekarang...ramai yang tak tahu dengan fakta ini. Saya pun tahu hanya bila saya mula berdiet tahun 2012 yang lalu. Ye la selama ni mana pernah timbang-timbang berat, bila diet dok heran kenapa time period berat naik mendadak walaupun makan dan senaman masih dijaga. Rupa-rupanya ia perkara normal dan bersebab, walaupun tidak semua wanita hadapinya tetapi ramai yang mengalaminya. Meh saya tempek apa kata tentang ini:

Along with cramping, back and leg pain, weight gain during your period is very common. While some women do not gain any weight, most women will gain between one and ten pounds in the days leading up to and during the menstrual period. Fortunately, as easy as it is to gain the weight, you will usually lose the weight without a drastic change in diet or activity. Understanding the causes and treatments of weight gain during period have help you have a better control of your weight.

Causes of Weight Gain during Period

Weight gain and loss associated with the menstrual cycle and hormonal changes begin during the teen years and continue through and after the menopause. The weight gain at menopause age may be as much as 15 pounds or more and this weight is harder to lose. The weight gain in younger women is easier to avoid and lose. What are the causes of this weight gain during your period?
Water Retention
Most weight gain during your period is probably due to water retention. Bowel problems and a natural drop in progesterone during this part of the cycle are the most common reasons for this cause of weight gain.
Bloating during the menstrual period may be due to increased gas in the intestine, constipation, or inactivity at this time. This may also lead to the abdominal cramping associated with the menstrual period.
Food Cravings and Overeating
Occasionally, you may have food cravings before and during your period as sugar levels fluctuate in your body. When these cravings hit, you may eat 200 or more calories than you would normally. Typically, this overeating subsides as your period ends.
Decrease in Magnesium
Magnesium levels in the body typically go down in the days before your menstrual period starts. As the magnesium level drops, insulin levels rise resulting in the need for more sugar. This may account for some of the sugar cravings and overeating before and during the period.

Treatment for Weight Gain during Period

Most weight gain during your period will go away as your period stops. For those stubborn pounds that do not go away, there are some easy ways to avoid or treat this weight gain using home remedies.
How to Do It?
Reduce Sodium Intake
Too much sodium before and during your period can result in water retention and weight gain. The easiest way to reduce sodium intake is to avoid processed foods that are loaded with sodium. Instead, use fresh foods and vegetables and season them with other herbs and spices. Read the labels of packaged foods -- even if they say low sodium, they may have high levels of sodium. Avoid fast foods since they have high levels of sodium and fat.
Reduce Water Retention
If you have water retention that makes you extremely uncomfortable or that does not resolve when your period ends, check with your healthcare provider who may want to put you on a low-dose diuretic in the days before and during your period.
Reduce Bloating
Try drinking some warm water with a teaspoon or two of lime juice before you eat anything in the morning.
Increase Magnesium Intake
Try cooked spinach, black beans and pumpkin seeds to increase the magnesium levels in your body. Like other minerals, you can always take multivitamin supplements after consulting your doctor.
Have Enough Calcium
Calcium is critical for healthy bones and prevention of water retention. Milk and milk products, beans nuts, green leafy vegetables, cereals with added calcium, and over-the-counter calcium supplements are easy ways to add calcium to your diet.
Eat Wisely
Minor modifications in your diet may be enough to avoid unhealthy weight gain during your period. Try to eat small, well-balanced meals throughout the day that are low in refined sugars and other simple carbohydrates. Be sure you eat plenty of protein and fiber. The extra fiber can help process the foods and move them through your intestines more efficiently.
Keep Healthy Lifestyle
Get plenty of exercise and sleep before and during your period. Although you may not feel like running a marathon, get up and move!
Stay Hydrated
Be sure to drink plenty of water and other fluids low in sugar. This will help flush out toxins and keep your cells healthy. Limit the alcohol and caffeine before and during your period.

Practice Yoga
If you have not tried yoga, it can be a great way to get active and control the weight gain during your period. Many practitioners recommend that you avoid inversion poses such as shoulder stands during your period, but most will tell you to let your body be your guide. The important point is to keep moving!
Enhance Iron Intake
Before and during your period, you may feel tired. This may be due to low iron leading to anemia. Be sure to eat foods high in iron including beans, meat, iron fortified grains, dark leafy green vegetables, meat and seafood. Your healthcare provider may want you to take an iron supplement if you are very anemic.
            B-Complex                 Vitamin B6 is recommended in doses of 100 to 200 mg per day to counteract pms symptoms including weight gain. This is because vitamin B6 reduces the amount of estrogen in the blood and increases the amount of progesterone. This leads to a better hormonal balance and that can affect a few of the major causes of weight gain during menstruation.

Bagusnya, ada beberapa suplemen yang sudah memang ada dalam simpanan saya untuk diamalkan sewaktu period ini. Shaklee ada Ostermatrix (kalsium magnesium), B-Complex, Omega Guard (Omega 3 fatty acid), Vita-lea Iron Formula yang lengkap dengan iron. Shaklee juga ada Performance Drink untuk memastikan badan sentiasa hidrat dan Alfalfa juga Herb-lax yang tinggi fiber untuk elakkan sembelit.

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